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Breck Park has partnered with Passport Parking to create a Merchant Validation Program. Merchants can increase awareness of and foot traffic to your business by validating customer parking. With Passport's easy-to-use system, you can quickly set up and begin managing your account today. Give shoppers an incentive to visit your store by offering a discount on their parking session when they pay with the PassportParking app.



  1. Create and Fund your account.

  2. Generate unique codes

  3. Distribute codes to customers

  4. Customers enter code in app when parking

Merchants can set up and manage their accounts HERE. Passport has provided a brief tutorial to help merchants get started.

Merchants can set their own guidelines for when, if, and how much they would like to validate a customer's parking. For example, a merchant could promote validation to a customer who spends $XX during a specified date range or specific sale. A merchant could also validate parking for loyal customers. The merchant can customize the amount and expiration dates for each validation type.

**Customers can only use the validation codes if they are using the PassportParking app (or online mobile browser) on their phone. Validation can be retroactive or used for a future session. For example, if a customer has paid for parking using PassportParking, then the validation could be used for their current parking session or their next session. If the customer has paid for parking using a parking meter, they could still be given a validation code but could only use the validation code on a future parking session through the parking app. Merchants who require a reservation could encourage customers  ahead of time to park using the app.

More information about pay parking and instructions on how to use the app are available HERE. (Overview: after the customer has paid for parking on the Passport App or at, the customer will click on "Session Options" and then "Discount." The validation code is then entered and the parking fee reduced). 


If you have questions about the program, please EMAIL us. If you are having technical difficulties with setting up your account, please email

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