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rules and regulations

1. Park Keystone, and their employees, agents, and representatives are not and shall not be responsible for any theft or damage to individuals, vehicles, or property while in any garage or on any lot. No bailment of any type is hereby created. To reduce the chance of theft or damage, please place your personal items out of sight, lock your car doors, and avoid parking in garages and/or lots alone after normal business hours. All person’s park at their own risk always and assume the risk of any injuries and damages.

2. Parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Season Parking Pass holders must park in designated spaces only. 

3. No credit or prorating of charges will be given for vacations, illnesses, early cancellations, or any other contingencies.

4. Season Parking Passes are not transferable.

5. Rates are subject to change at any time by posting rates in the lot or other means of notification.


6. No long-term storage of vehicles is permitted in any of Park Keystone’s parking facilities.


7. Season Parking Pass holders may only park in designated handicapped spaces if they display a valid handicapped permit and have a current parking permit.


8. Season Parking Passes are only valid for the license plate(s) that are on file.  Only one vehicle per pass may be parked at any given time in the parking lot.


9. Parking pass is only valid for day parking. Passholder may not leave a vehicle overnight in any lot.


10. Parking passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. You may not sell, exchange, or give your parking pass to someone else.


11. Parking passes are subject for revocation, without refund, at any time due to misuse, illegal parking, or violations.

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